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Knee High Socks

Socks are an item of clothing to which most people do not give much thought. However, there are many different styles of socks and each have a different purpose. Knee-high socks are a staple in many people’s wardrobes and serve a number of different purposes.

Traditional school uniforms, especially for girls, featured knee-high socks worn with a knee-length skirt. As many schools today still retain this style of school uniform, this is one very popular way to wear knee-high socks. This style of sock is usually worn in a grey, black, navy, or other basic color and made of a thin wool or cotton.

Men and women also often wear knee-high socks as part of their daily work clothes, especially during the winter months. These high socks keep the wearer warmer than ankle-cut socks do and can be purchased as cotton socks, as well as in warmer fabrics such as wool and silk.

In winter months, knee-high socks are very popular among boot wearers. While boots, particularly rain boots and dressy, high-heeled boots, are not always the most warm footwear choice, wearing them with a pair of knee-high socks keep feet warm and comfortable.

Another benefit of wearing knee-high socks with boots is that they can be pulled over the bottoms of pants, keeping them tucked in so they do not bunch around the knees when the boots are pulled on. While a good pair of knee-high socks can be worn with nearly any pair of knee-high boots, some boot manufacturers, like Hunter, have created their own lines of knee-high socks to be worn with their boots. These coordinating socks can be purchased in the same department as the boots.

Knee-high socks are readily available in the sock department of any department store, mass-market retailer, or shoe store. While knee-high socks are of course available in basic colors and styles, there are many styles of knee-high socks that feature bright colors and fun patterns, that support a particular sports team, or which have festive holiday decorations on them.

The Internet is a great place to look for a pair of knee-high socks in a particular color or pattern; a quick search for “knee-high socks” followed by the particulars of the type of socks you are looking for will yield a number of online retailers from whom you can purchase your desired knee-high socks.