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100%  Cotton Socks

Why 100% Cotton Socks?

In today’s hectic world, our lifestyles continue to become more and more physically strenuous. The travel, the walking, and the standing on our feet for long hours all add to the exhaustion we feel at the end of the day.

You will notice that your feet suffer the most because of your hectic lifestyle. Foot pain and injuries are one of the most common problems of the working population today.

Apart from painful feet, there are many other foot related problems faced by people who spend the majority of their day with their feet enclosed in tight shoes.

There is an issue of developing malodor as the sweat from your feet settles on your skin and creates a distinct smell. This deposited sweat could also lead to bacterial and fungal infections in the long run.

The main reason for so much foot discomfort is that it is not possible for most of us to take off our shoes on a regular basis and allow the skin of our feet to breathe freely. This leads to our feet sweating in their confinement and the sweat that accumulates throughout the day then leads to bad foot odor as well as bacterial and fungal infections.


  organic cotton socks

organic cotton socks 

 100% cotton crew socks

So, is there anything you can do to prevent these problems that are caused by having to wear shoes for long stretches of time? Fortunately, there is. The solution to your problem is 100% cotton socks. 100% cotton socks contain no synthetic materials, and can be made to be completely organic. This makes them highly absorbent. 

So, when you feet sweat throughout the course of the day, 100% cotton socks will absorb all that sweat and help prevent it from settling on your skin. This will in turn prevent bad odor as well as bacterial and fungal infections.



100% cotton work socks


100% cotton slouch socks


100% cotton knee socks 




100 cotton socks 

  100% cotton socks

cotton socks 

On the other hand, the fabric of 100% cotton socks also allows your skin to breathe. They allow for the passage of air through the material of the socks.

This ensures that your feet do not sweat as much as they would have in synthetic material socks that are not breathable. So, cotton socks not only absorb the sweat off your feet, they also ensure that your feet do not sweat too much to begin with. 

100 cotton socks 100 cotton sock

Finally, 100% cotton socks are typically much thicker and cushioned than socks made of synthetic materials. This means that when you wear your socks and walk on your feet, you will feel your feet sinking into the socks.

This softness and thickness of all cotton socks go a long way in providing comfort to your feet. The padding they provide to your feet ensures that your feet do not feel as worn out at the end of the day.

If you start looking for 100% cotton socks on the net, you will find a very wide variety. All cotton socks are available in different sizes and lengths for men, women and children.

They are available in a wide range of solid colors, but you will also find a wide variety of colorful socks in many different designs, patterns and color combinations.

So, whether you’re looking for 100% cotton crew socks, thigh high socks, over the calf cotton socks, knee socks, diabetic socks, toe socks, loose socks, stockings, or even 100% cotton slouch socks, for men or women, boys or girls, all types of socks are available to you!